porseleinen hof, Delft

Porseleinen Hof is part of ‘site 8’and located at the western tip of the Railway Zone – also known as Nieuw Delft – and is seen as a cornerstone within the development area. This cornerstone is formed by a tall landmark on site 8.5 and a cluster of ground-access houses on site 8.3. Designing both sites in unison has allowed parking, shared car use and shared outdoor spaces, roof gardens and programme to be optimally integrated with one another, resulting in a pleasant and differentiated residential environment. The basis of both plan areas is formed by a rational building structure in which car parking and bike storage facilities at ground level and apartments above blend seamlessly with each other.

The most important element of Porseleinen Hof is the tower ‘Porseleinen Toren’ on Papsouwselaan, which (land)marks the entrance to Nieuw Delft on the west side of the plan area. The sculptural appearance of the tower, faced in white-glazed ceramic tiles, ensures that Porseleinen Hof appears different from all sides.

The sculptural appearance of the tower, faced in white-glazed ceramic tiles, ensures that Porseleinen Hof appears different from all sides

The clear structure of both blocks make it possible to articulate the volumes, as sculptural buildings that architecturally express the differentiated programmes we are creating on this site. A programme that is firmly anchored in its surroundings and connects with the structure of the water and greenery and forms part of the framework of Nieuw Delft. The ambition for the project is beautifully expressed in the masterplan ‘View of Delft’ by Palmbout: “… a differentiated cityscape that respects existing characteristics without simply copying them.”

Entrances to the homes and the (micro) apartments in Porseleinen Hof are – except for those facing the water – situated around the outside of the block, as are the ground-floor spaces that border the car parking areas. Located on the ground floor is an attractively designed café facing onto Papsouwselaan. The result is lively plinths along the streets and the park.

Apart from the shared roof garden on the fourth floor of the tower, all homes larger than 50 m2 have their own outdoor space in the form of a balcony or roof terrace.

The rowhouses on site 8.3 have spacious roof gardens, situated on top of a shared parking facility. This plot is more elongated compared to 8.5, with a lot of programmatic repetition. The linear logic is breaks with facade jumps, different window positions and a number of bay windows. To increase the amount of plasticity, some houses are supplied with a roof structure.

The spacious atrium in the heart of the building gives an expression to the communal living in Porseleinen Hof. The collective indoor and outdoor spaces allow residents to meet all year round. A private car is not necessary – large bicycle parking, shared cars and a good connection to the tram and bus station make sustainable transport possible.

Project Details
  • Site
  • Delft, The Netherlands
  • Client
  • Synchroon
  • Design
  • 2015 >
  • Size
  • 11.980 m2
  • Program
  • Housing
  • Assignment
  • Commission
  • Team
  • Jeroen Schipper, Kapilan Chandranesan, Max Hissink, Bas Kegge, Julija Osipenko, Rutger Schoenmaker
  • Urban Planner
  • Palmbout
  • Advisors
  • IMd, Nelissen, Felixx Landscape Architects, BBN
  • Contractor
  • ERA Contour
  • Visuals
  • Beeldenfabriek
  • Photography
  • Orange Architects