We believe in new ideas. We believe in improving ourselves, our architecture, our world. This is why innovation is one of the main principles of our way of thinking, designing and building. We manage to stay up to date, be open to new ideas and work towards a better living environment. Innovation is reflected in our office workflow, the software we use, the models we make, the materials we choose, the values we stand for, and certainly in our commitment to architectural quality.




Orange Architects has gained extensive experience with BIM in recent years. BIM makes our work more efficient and faster and leads to fewer mistakes. It also makes our work more enjoyable: we model a project from the first sketch to the very last brick. That allows us to offer insight to the client, advisors and contractor at all stages of the project. As a result, decisions can be taken earlier and in a more considered manner on the basis of the available information. BIM is an excellent tool for working together to achieve quality. That is why we experience the importance of BIM in many ways.


The creative process requires a continuous strive for strengthening the concept, improving the design, reflecting and finding solutions. It also entails materialization and the tactile aspect of the architectural design process, that of making, feeling and testing the design physically with the different human senses. At Orange Architects, creation starts with the initial idea, the capture of the concept and through the different design phases, unfolds and evolves until the execution, construction and supervision of a project. During those stages, physical architectural models, material samples and very often custom made real scale mock-ups constitute an essential part of our workflow.


We believe that we can make a better living environment together. We share knowledge with experts in the field of sustainability, and with our integral approach sustainability is an important design ambition in all our buildings right from the first sketches. We work on the basis of a broad definition of sustainability, built upon three pillars: WORLD | WE | VALUE.  Our mission is to incorporate and unite these themes in all our projects, from the first sketches to completion. This is the way we want to make buildings that positively influence the quality of life.