golden city block 4, St. Petersburg

Block 4 is the fourth block developed by KCAP+ORANGE within the masterplan for Vasilyevskiy Island in St. Petersburg. The first three blocks, Block 6, 7 and 8, started construction in 2018. In contrast to the residential and commercial programme of the rest of the Blocks, Block 4 will be developed into a promising calling card for the Golden City project along the city ring road.

Block 4, with its exceptional design, stands out and manages to tackle the multiple challenges that were set, because it not only successfully provides a complex functional mix of spaces (office centre, commerce, kindergarten, multi-storey parking buildings etc.) but is also perceived as a coherent environment and harmonious part of St Petersburg, using the full potential of its site and location.

The flexible and interactive office buildings are integrated with greenery to offer a unique experience of diverse and sustainable working spaces

The concept for the urban layout of Block 4 is based on a mosaic ‘carpet’ of landscape and buildings that spreads along the whole site. Separate land plots are the integral components of this ‘carpet’. Every plot consists of a network of green plazas between the solitary buildings connected by walking routes and shared-space streets.

The architectural and urban planning concept contains a great degree of flexibility with regard to building facades. There is the possibility of refining the design of facades without losing the integrity of the ensemble. The facade toolkit we designed for this consists of various options in three main categories: type and area of glazing, colour and the second skin. The client for individual buildings can influence the design of facade.

The proposed design is also focused on creating a sustainable and green environment, enhancing the well-being of the people who live and work it, on protecting natural resources, and on making the development more attractive for property investments.

A network of bicycle lanes connects Block 4 offices to Block 6, 7 and 8 residential development, all the way to the tip of the island and the active waterfront of Block 9. Routes and plazas throughout the development are designed as an eco-friendly landscape, with rain gardens and aqua-flow pavements that focus on the most sustainable management of water and rainwater.

Moving up from ground level to the terraces, the roof space of the new buildings is organized into smaller or bigger terraces with special programme, but in most cases the roof space is occupied by solar panels, which function very well in the climate of St. Petersburg, and by a green roof. The green roof is an essential element of an eco-building. Microclimate, low-energy consumption, water storage and efficient management are prominent aspects of designing for the desired BREEAM certificate.

Project Details
  • Site
  • Vasilievsky Island, St. Petersburg, Russia
  • Client
  • Glorax Development
  • Design
  • 2018 >
  • Size
  • 160.000 m2
  • Program
  • Mixed-use
  • Assignment
  • Commission
  • Team
  • Patrick Meijers, Jeroen Schipper, María Gómez Garrido, Julija Osipenko, Irina Vaganova, Elena Staskute
  • Collaboration
  • KCAP Architects & Planners
  • Urban Planner
  • Visuals
  • A2Studio