sadovy rayon, Cheboksary

This design for a mixed-use complex consists of four residential towers on a plinth with shopping facilities, covered by a roof park. The project is located on the main street of Sadovy Rayon, an urban expansion district of Cheboksary in Russia — meaning Green District. With this design, Orange Architects proposes a totally new concept for urban living in Russia, creating a landmark which harmonizes with Russian urban planning.

Russian residential buildings are often rectangular and much alike. By making the four towers triangular and rotating them in relation to each other, we maximized the view from each apartment. The triangular-shaped towers rest on a two-storey plinth containing commercial facilities. The surrounding park extends over this shopping promenade and provides access to the 25-storey residential towers on the roof level. The floors are 500 m2 and offer a wide variety of residential typologies. The top floor contains a penthouse.

Maximize local knowledge and create a new sustainable neighbourhood

The Sadovy Rayon project is a great example of using local materials and techniques, converting them into new innovative ideas and forms. When Orange Architects accepted the project, the use of pre-cast concrete panels from the local factory was a must.

By reviewing the factory potential, we proposed an even simpler construction method for the concrete panels they normally produce: plain panels without any windows. We shifted and turned the plates, leaving gaps for bay windows in between the facade panels, optimizing privacy in the various apartments. The result is a slim tower with a unique and sculptural facade.

A great example of using local materials and techniques, converting them into new innovative ideas and forms
Project Details
  • Site
  • Sadovy Rayon, Cheboksary, Russia
  • Client
  • Suor LCC, Vladimir Ermolaev
  • Design
  • 2013
  • Size
  • 98.400 m2
  • Program
  • Mixed-use
  • Assignment
  • Commission
  • Team
  • Patrick Meijers, Jeroen Schipper, Michiel Hofman, Alexey Boev, Povilas Daugis, Iveta Fiedlerova, Paul Kierkels, Joel Langeveld, Alexandra Merkulova, Jeroen Semeijn
  • Visuals
  • A2Studio