parasite del mondo, Malmo

Parasite del Mondo comes to Malmo!

For an exhibition of ‘Proto-types for Advanced Ready-made Amphibious Small-scale Individual Temporary Ecological houses’, we presented the design for a floating pavilion as a 1:20 model and a model made of folded paper.

The design adds a fictional-historical dimension and presents itself as a sequel to a fragmented story about the 15th-century ‘teatri del mondo’, which had already been revived with a design by Aldo Rossi for the Biennale in 1979. The lightweight scaffolding wrapped in a blue-painted skin was lost after the Biennale, but it is now sampled by the Parasite (del Mondo).

Project Details
  • Site
  • Malmo, Sweden
  • Client
  • Parasite Foundation
  • Design
  • 2000
  • Team
  • Jeroen Schipper, Britta Schuemmer
The City of Small Things

The City of Small Things, Parasite del Mondo pp. 94-95