new gold dream, St. Petersburg

Orange Architects and KCAP Architects&Planners, with their plan ‘New Gold Dream’, won first prize in the urban and architectural competition for the most western tip of Vasilyevsky Island in St. Petersburg. With its important role in the historical development of St. Petersburg towards the west, Vasilyevskiy Island will become the most prominent manifestation of the city of St. Petersburg on the Gulf of Finland.

With the urban plan, the 15-hectare site will become a new part of the city, containing a diverse mix of urban functions that facilitate and connect the surrounding areas. In addition, the project will become the new face of St. Petersburg when entering the city from the water.

For all who approach the city from the water, the project will become a beautiful antechamber to the majestic historical centre of St. Petersburg

The design concept by KCAP + ORANGE focuses on enhancing the iconic value of the city of St. Petersburg and on creating an attractive and high-quality environment for living, working and recreation. The peninsula will be enlarged with a park to enjoy the waterfront at the Finnish Bay. Solid blocks and a diversity of enclosed urban courtyards define the urban layout and reference the historical structure of St. Petersburg. Towers form the layer above the urban blocks. They allow for spectacular panoramic views of the sea and the city centre. Topped with gold-coloured spires, in the tradition of St. Petersburg architecture, a unique landmark silhouette of Vasilyevskiy Island evolves and creates an expressive, recognizable and iconic image.

The international design competition was organized by Glorax Development and the municipality of St. Petersburg. It started with 12 teams in the first phase and continued with six in the second round, of which three national and three international teams. Besides KCAP + ORANGE, A-Len from St. Petersburg was also awarded a first prize. Both teams have been working on the further elaboration of the project since 2016.

The gold-coloured spires form a special roofscape which references St.Petersburg’s monumental centre
Project Details
  • Site
  • Vasilyevskiy Island, St. Petersburg, Russia
  • Client
  • Glorax Development, NTVO
  • Design
  • 2015
  • Size
  • 15 ha | 400.000 m2
  • Program
  • Mixed-use
  • Assignment
  • Competition | first prize
  • Team
  • Patrick Meijers, Jeroen Schipper, Michiel Hofman, Mario Acosta, Guiseppe Bonavita, Olga Chulkova, Peter Enkelaar, Kristina Jasutiene, Joel Langeveld, Martin Loureiro, Rutger Schoenmaker, Aleksandra Skomorochow, Elena Staskute
  • Collaboration
  • KCAP Architects & Planners
  • Visuals
  • A2Studio
  • European Property Award 2021 - Mixed Use Architecture | Winner
  • European Property Award 2021 - Mixed Use Development | Winner
  • Urban Award 2021 - Business class residential complex of the year | Winner
  • Move Realty Awards 2019 - Business Class Project of the Year St. Petersburg | Winner
  • Regional Development - The best for Russia 2018 | Laureate
  • Move Realty Awards 2018 - Business Class Project of the Year St. Petersburg | Winner
  • Urban Awards 2017 - Harmonious Project Integration into its Surroundings | Winner
  • Urban Awards 2016 - Premiere of the Year | Winner
  • European Property Awards 2016 - Residential property of Russia | Laureate
  • Public Award “St. Petersburg 2020” 2016 | Winner

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Nr. 6, June 2020

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'KCAP+Orange win first prize Vasilievsky Island competition in St. Petersburg.', p 26, May-June 2016