paro practice, Utrecht

The plan involves the large-scale renovation of, and a 200 m2 extension to, the Periodontology Practice (for the treatment of gum disease) on Livingstonelaan in the Kanaleneiland district in Utrecht.

The practice is a one-storey building placed between two taller blocks of flats. The pavilion-like nature of the building is considered a very valuable quality, to be preserved and even enhanced. The overhang in front will be extended so that the new volume can slot beneath it. Because the space available in front is limited, the extension will be divided over two storeys. Maintaining the height of the overhang led to the decision to carry out part of the extension on a basement level, with an elevated ground floor above it.

Light, clarity and simplicity were of prime importance in the choice of materials for the new spaces, with a material horizon in maple wood as the unifying element

Alongside the two large doctors’ offices and three smaller consulting rooms, the brief for the new extension called for a number of auxiliary areas. The most significant of these is a second waiting room, which forms an axis cutting straight across the practice. Large bay windows are placed at either end of this axis to allow natural light into both the new waiting area and the basement.

The central area in the existing part of the building, which forms the new heart of the practice, not only provides access to all the functional rooms but also serves as the main waiting room. The edges of this space are formed by pieces of furniture and wall components that incorporate supporting facilities. A new raised roof allows light to enter this previously enclosed space from various sides, both directly and indirectly.

Light, clarity and simplicity were of prime importance in the choice of materials for the new spaces. We use a material horizon as the unifying element and, to the extent possible, all components under a height of 2.35 metres are designed in the same material (maple wood) or are transparent. Above this height, everything is finished in white plasterwork.

The half-sunken basement is constructed of exposed concrete and connected to the upper level by a large void. The concrete wall extends through the void to the roof of the building, creating a spatial connection between the two levels. A monumental staircase also connects the two levels.

Project Details
  • Site
  • Utrecht, The Netherlands
  • Client
  • Fridus van der Weijden
  • Design
  • 2003
  • Realisation
  • 2010
  • Size
  • 415 m2
  • Program
  • Utilitarian
  • Assignment
  • Commission
  • Team
  • Jeroen Schipper, Jeroen van Bekkum, Paul Kierkels, Jeroen Semeijn, Erik Slangen
  • Advisors
  • CIHR
  • Contractor
  • Bouw- en Aannemersbedrijf De Wit
  • Costs
  • 665.000 euro
  • Photography
  • Arthur Blonk
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